#10: Business Rebel with a Cause [Podcast]

Business Rebel with a cause, Aslam Najebdeen of http://www.frontcube.com joins Business Strategist, Bennett Johnson, from Sri Lanka. Alsam shares his story of defying family pressures to find work in the garment factory but instead becoming a successful website designer. The Small Business Success Podcast is brought to you by Business Strategist, Bennett Johnson, to help you build your success, your way. Sometimes Bennet entertains a guest and sometimes not but the content is always worth your time. Let’s get real. There is no such thing as passive income. The four hour work week is foolish. No one thinks and grows rich. Bennett’s commitment to you is to bring you the facts and let you decide. In the Small Business Success Unzipped Podcast, Bennett avoids the hype, sales pitches, and empty promises. We bring you the reality no matter how ugly or harsh but we also bring you the good news of successful stories. Believe in yourself. Stay Focused. Be real. Avoid the hype. Build your success, your way through smart strategy, bold leadership, and healthy balance.
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