Great Workplace Indicators and Expectations of Top Talent

Do your employees love you as a boss? Happy employees are productive employees. Sustainable success demands sustainable leadership practices. 12 Indicators of a Great Workplace is a three-part blog series on how to find and keep an excellent team. Part 2 is about expectations. Managing expectations is at the core of any partnership. This is also true for sales, account management, and leadership tactics. Clear and agreed upon expectations helps lower stress level and raise productivity. Consider these three questions to improve communication of expectations in your team:
  1. Does every team member know what is expected of them?
  2. Have you provided your team with the tools, skills, and knowledge needed to win?
  3. Is your team committed to quality and sustainable high performance?
You could argue that unclear expectations among team members causes more losses in productivity at a great workplace than any other single issue. Arguments, hostility, waste, low morale, and high turnover rates can all be linked to unclear expectations. There is a management theory that says we should set goals, provide the tools then let our employees find their own path to reach the goal. That may be a good theory but it is impossible to accomplish unless the tools for success are provided. Every organization must have a “gold standard”. This is the standard by which every outcome is measured. Every team member must understand, contribute to, and commit to that high standard. The Breviary: Some say attitude is everything. They are wrong. Maybe I have a bad attitude. Managing great workplace expectations is an often overlooked but primary source of sustainable success for the business strategist. Image provided by: © Icefields | Dreamstime.comExpectations Versus Reality Photo
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