Workplace Indicators for Positive Results

Do your employees love you as a boss? Happy employees are productive employees. Sustainable success demands sustainable leadership practices. 12 Indicators of a Great Workplace is a three part blog series on how to find and keep an excellent team. Relationships in the workplace are mandatory. No, we are not talking about intimate or inappropriate relationships. Workplace relationships are those that build the bonds that drive productivity. These bonds help recruit top talent and retain the best of the best. Consider these three questions to measure the strength of your team:
  1. Does your team regularly talk about their individual progress?
  2. Do your employees keep “best friends” who are also coworkers?
  3. Who encourages individual development in your operation?
Every team member wants progress in his or her career. Progress does not always mean upwards promotion. Progress sometimes mean perfecting a set of skills or simply recognition of a job well done. Regular reviews of progress is an important tactic for top talent retention. Quarterly reviews are the standard. Be sure to keep the goals clear and the measurement strategy simple. Many employees say that they work with their best friend. Friends in a workplace environment help improve overall truancy and loyalty. Working with your bet friend means that you have one more reason to look forward to the next work day. Leaders must be wary that friendships do not from into improper power centers within a team. It is often smart to encourage workplace friendships but consider keeping best friends in separate departments. Commitment to continual learning and improvement is mandatory for sustainable success. The smart business strategist knows that perfection is impossible but the pursuit is necessary. Indicators of a great workplace will always include a leader who encourages constant progression of each and every team member. The person who encourages individual development might not be the owner of a small business. Sales team leaders can often lead the learning process for a sales team. Production team leaders can encourage efficiency in their teams as well. The Breviary: You must maintain proper relationships with your employees. Understand how the connections between your employees and your connection with your employees can be used to maximize productivity. Recruit, motivate, and retain the best team possible by mastering the indicators of a great workplace. Read more on positive workplace indicators here.    
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