Business Wisdom – An Original Self-Help Book

Business wisdom quotes are endless. This one is my favorite: A wise man will hear and increase learning, and a man of understanding will attain wise counsel – Proverbs 1:5. New self-help books from self-labeled experts are dropped on us every day.  Why not the original self help book, the Holy Bible, to build your dream? I recently attended a meeting held by Venture Capitalists for entrepreneurs.  The highly successful small business owner and investor told the audience three things.
  1. The primary item that an investor is looking for is an entrepreneur who is ready and willing to take advice.
  2. An investable idea is one which can be adapted and quickly duplicated in multiple areas.
  3. Most importantly, bankers know an entrepreneur is serious when he hires experts to assist him in his effort.
No one is an expert in everything.  We all need help with something. The good news is that is has never been easier or more affordable to obtain qualified guidance. Great business coaches and consultants are extremely difficult to find.  There is a large amount of fraud and abuse in this space.  There is no monopoly on knowledge. Most recommendations on business wisdom from consultants are simply recycled and reused fundamentals from generations past. As a business owner, you have no time to research every small subject that you need to solve big problems. For good business wisdom, hire someone who already knows or someone who is capable to going out and getting the answers for you.  This is money well spent. Anything that you can hire someone else to do cheaper than you can do yourself must be outsourced. A good resource on the original self help book can be found here. Where is your base of knowledge?  In what areas do you need help from an expert?
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