3 Great Leadership Styles Right Now

Great leadership is mandatory for your small business success. Finding and hiring excellent talent. Effectively marketing your products. Delivering the best customer service, and creating sustainability of success. These are all tenants of every small business and must be accomplished by a leader. Leadership is more art than science. We are dealing with human beings, not numbers. That means the outcome of certain efforts might almost never be the same. What motivates some employees will demoralize others. Marketing messages to certain demographic will surely turn away other target markets. There is no perfect leadership style. Your ability to master several leadership styles may mean the difference between success and failure of your dream business. Consider these 3 great leadership styles:
  1. Your Visionary
  2. The Pacesetter
  3. A Commander
If you are a Visionary leader then you are a leader who gathers your team and motivates them under a shared grand vision. This is a great style if you have recruited a team that has affinity and shares your passion for the future of your business. No amount of money can create this kind of loyalty in a leader. This type of leader leads through emotion and deep connections on an individual level. A team motivated by a visionary will work harder, stay late, and maybe even be there when you cannot meet payroll. The Pacesetting leader is often a perfectionist. If you are a Pacesetter then you visualize exciting goals and inspire your team to compete and win among the best in class. This is an excellent leadership style if you are building the next generation of passenger airliners but not so great if you are managing a hamburger chain restaurant. An effective team, under your leadership, will not be motivated by money alone. They will be moved by the challenge and the prestige of winning. Once more, remember that
Finally, there is the Commanding leader. I’ve heard many respected experts say that a small business is a dictatorship, not a democracy. That may not be true when it comes to your employees. A Commander is someone who leads by demanding immediate and total compliance. No external motivation effort necessary. That may work in the US Army but not anywhere else where employees have a choice. The Commander style leader is what many untrained and unqualified people placed in leadership positions fall into. They think their tittle gives them all the authority they need. Wrong! This short summary of 3 great leadership styles was meant to help you see the good and bad of each leadership style. Understand that there is no perfect type of leader or style. Remember that you might need to change your style to accommodate different situations. Most importantly, by remembering these types, you can become more self aware of your own style and actions. © Artistashmita | Dreamstime.comLeadership Styles Photo
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