3 Secrets to a Successful Family Business Retreat

Family Owned Business is a series of blog posts about the exciting, rewarding, often challenging, and always unique elements of family owned small businesses. No, we are not talking about the Mafia. Family members make great partners, right? Wrong! Read these posts before you risk everything. Consider these secrets to a family business retreat. No matter what your business strategy, conflicts and team breakdown are inevitable. A business retreat is a proven method for creating unity and improving productivity. Family run businesses are especially prone to conflict which results in losses in profits, talent, and productivity. The common business strategist solution is to remove everyone from the high stress environment to reset the working relationship. Consider these three top benefits of a family business retreat:
  1. Removing stressors for clarity of thought.
  2. Creating the atmosphere of neutrality for conflict resolution.
  3. Reestablish once effective working relationships.
It is not good enough to simply schedule such an outing. The plan for success much be managed well and clear expectations must be established. A common tactic is to invite a disinterested and outside party to manage the retreat for obvious reasons. 
There are countless tips and secrets to a successful family business retreat. Our effort is not to explore and critique every option. We are more focused on reviewing the top solutions to help you consider whether this is the correct tool to help you build your own brand of success. The following short list of tips will help you get started:
  • Set S.M.A.R.T. goals to get the most out of the retreat.
  • Start with defined purpose and expectations in mind.
  • Accept “good enough”. Know that no one will get everything they want but all should get some.
Remember that this is about mixing business with pleasure. Keep the atmosphere enjoyable and relaxed. No one wants to feel like they are at the office. Services offering this type of services are endless. Here are a few that present themselves well: http://www.successioninstitute.com/services/family-business-retreat-facilitationhttp://www.familybusinessinstitute.com/index.php/Family-Meetings-Retreats/. What has been your experience with business retreats? Good or bad?  Get UPDATES and Ebooks from Bennett.
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