Managerial Development for Entrepreneurs

Managerial development is not only for large corporations. The small business is uniquely demanding on the leadership team. That team might be two or twenty people. This is because each managerial decision has more impact on business success than in a large corporation. Let’s be realistic. No development strategy is perfect. No employee is perfect.
Just because your employee is a rock star in one position does not mean he won’t be a dud in another. A great managerial development strategy can help you identify who goes where. Use these three tips to get you started.
  • Start with your end goal in focus.
  • Set clear expectations.
  • Maintain a plan and update it often.
The smart business strategist always starts with the end in focus. Your managerial development timeline is an important part of sustainable success. Clear expectations helps reduce stress of everyone involved. Set milestones, goals, and measure the results. Be sure to get your manager to agree on what the final goal should be. Learning is often a linear process. That means a study plan is an excellent tool for a successful outcome. A simple study plan consists of a calendar, important subjects, important dates, and final deliverables. No development plan is complete without continued support. Measure your outcomes often. Be sure the manager is not falling back on old habits and processes. Do what you can to get the team to see the value in moving a little discomfort and the benefits of change. The Breviary: Individual managerial decisions make larger impact in small business when compared with corporations. Proper managerial development is an excellent investment for sustainable success. Be smart, do it with a thoughtful and deliberate plan. Be the leaders you were meant to be. Blog image compliments of © Ivosar | Dreamstime.comManager Paper Photo  
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