Employee Performance Improvement Ideas

Commitment to lifelong learning is fundamental to sustainable success. Constant employee performance improvement is an excellent way to create perpetual growth for your business. Every excellent employee training program offers certain elements to help your team be the best it can be. Resistance to change is inevitable. It is common for employees to prefer old processes and procedures as opposed to try new ones. Tweet ” Change often comes with a certain level of discomfort. It is also true that discomfort is the source of change. Studies show that less than half of all efforts at employee performance improvement are successfully implemented. This means that expensive and complicated strategies for productivity optimization is a waste of resources. Keep it simple with small but incremental steps. No strategy is complete without measuring what you accomplished. Did you or did you not meet your goals. The value of measurement goes beyond what you might imagine.
A fundamental tenet of performance methods like Six Sigma Methodology is getting support from department managers and executives. Many performance improvement programs require support from top-level managers to implement the strategies. Be sure to start with a top down approach for support. There are experts for just about everything. It is possible, at least in theory, to run an entire small business with outsourced experts. Modern technology in communications allows you to search nationally and even internationally for an affordable and knowledgeable expert for employee performance improvement. Sales team trainers, executive coaches, and communication experts is a short list of types of experts you can find in an outsourced format. Be sure to set clear goals for your expert and make clear that his or her performance is measured on results. Finally, write your goals down. Create a personal action plan for each employee receiving the training. Research tell us that writing things down holds both you and others accountable for the results. It is not enough to write down your goals. Require your team to write down what steps and resources they need to get the job done. This is an important part in the employee performance improvement process. The Breviary: Your small business is either growing or shrinking. It is never stagnant. The only way to grow is through change. Change comes through a commitment to performance improvement and lifelong learning. Additional resources: Blog image compliments of © Dizanna | Dreamstime.comPerformance Management Photo
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