#16 Vending Machine Business Success with Matt Miller [Podcast Part 2]

Part 2 of this series on vending machine business success. Business Strategist, Bennett Johnson of SmartSuccessNow.com welcomes Matt Miller of School Spirit Vending to the Small Business Success Unzipped Podcast. This is a unique take on vending machine business success. Matt, a U.S. Air Force Veteran turned entrepreneur joins Bennett to share his story of struggle, failure, and success through sticking to your values and never giving up. Matt runs a successful vending machine business providing healthy alternatives and fund raising options for schools across America. Part 2 of this two part series features Bennett and Matt discussing the falsehood of quick success, passive success, and short work weeks. Matt shares tips on how to get started and how to find your voice in the noisy, competitive market. Some of us do not belong in big business or corporate  jobs. No matter how much we want to be a part of the crowd and contribute to the success of great American brands, some of us are just different. Many entrepreneurs discover this the hard way.
Takeaways from Part 2 of Vending Machine Business Success with Matt Miller include:
  1. Be wary of those who promise short cuts to success or income.
  2. Remain true to your vision, your passion, and your dream.
  3. Stay faithful and be open to God’s message on your unique path to success.
  4. Define your success, your way. If you do not take control, others will control it for you.
Those three bullet points might seem like we are stating the incredibly obvious. Listen to the podcast. Discover what Matt and his family did to make ends meet. You would be amazed at their fortitude and determination. Listen to Matt’s story of a successful corporate career that turned rotten almost instantly. His positive but realistic attitude is key to his ability to bounce back. Learn from his story for your own success. Matt is generous to offer our listeners a special offer. You can read more about that offer, Matt Miller, and learn how to build your success, your way with School Spirit Vending by clicking here.
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