3 Free Ways to Motivate Your Team

Your business is nothing without the team. Even if you only have part time employees, you are still their leader. Your ability to motivate each member of your team may mean the difference between success and failure. Ways to Motivate Your Team is a series of blog posts to help you become a better leader. Method 1 offers free methods to motivate your team.   Motivation is rarely about money. Inspiring your employees to achieve personal greatness is often about identifying what exactly is each person’s unspoken interest. Identify then deliver on that specific interest and you increase the chances of higher productivity and team loyalty. Consider these free methods for reward and motivation:
  • Expression of Gratitude
  • Print Recognition
  • Special Event
An expression of gratitude costs nothing but a few minutes of your time. The expression of gratitude can be as simple as a properly timed word of thank. You could also stand on your desk and yell to the rafters about how awesome of a job your employee did on that project. It is your choice. Choose wisely. Printed recognition goes back to the way we were trained in grade school. The letter on the top of the page or the smiley face sticker said it all. That method still works. Remember that there is something special about putting the expression of gratitude into print. The words “thank you” on the back of your business card, the word “awesome” across the preliminary draft, or a yellow sticky note with positive comments all offer the same outcome. A special event for recognition could also be free from cost to present. Recognizing high achievement, in a morning huddle, is excellent timing. Mentioning the employees name, during a presentation to the board, costs nothing and shows gratitude. Many companies put a special employee’s name on the back of a special product or name the meeting room in honor of that person. It is clear that some of the most effective ways to motivate your team cost nothing. Be sure that your effort is timely and sincere. Make it clear what that employee did and what benefit it brought to the team. Remember that it is not so much about the method but more about your effort in recognition. How many times did you say thanks, and motivate your team, today? Please share your thoughts. We value your input.
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