My Elevator Pitch

How do you communicate what you do for others?   How do you express what makes your service special?  What do you do better than anyone else?  An elevator pitch is a time-tested method to communicate your unique value proposition to someone in a quick way.  The term comes from the situation where you have less than two minutes to explain to a stranger what you do for work.  This is not merely about what you do for work but more importantly, it is what makes you special in the workplace. Putting your dreams out into open space is always scary.  This is the best way and the first step into turning your ambitions into reality.  An elevator pitch should contain these three things, and more:
  1. Product name and market niche.
  2. The service you provide that solves a problem.
  3. Your method for serving that solution.
This is my newly edited elevator pitch.  I would greatly value your thoughts. “I teach entrepreneurs how to start and manage their small business.  I merge new marketing techniques with proven leadership principles.  I write blogs and eBooks designed for business owners who want to improve products and service to their customers.  The name of the blog is Arete Business Methods “Your Own Brand of Success”.  This is an excellent time to be an entrepreneur and start a small business.  It has never been easier, more affordable or more possible for anyone to chase a dream.” – Bennett Johnson – Owner of Arete Business Methods “Your Own Brand of Success”. Question: What do you do better than anyone else?      
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