7 Ideas to Inspire Your Team

Your business is nothing without the team. Even if you only have part-time employees, you are still their leader. Your ability to motivate each member of your team may mean the difference between success and failure. Ways to Motivate Your Team is a series of blog posts to help you become a better leader. Method 4 offers a list of ideas to inspire your team. 

Inspiration and motivation is rarely about money but smartly spent dollars can pay big dividends. Inspiring your employees to achieve personal greatness is often about identifying what exactly is each person’s unspoken interest. Identify then deliver on that specific interest and you increase the chances of higher productivity and team loyalty.

Consider these 7 ideas to inspire your team:

  1. Written or spoken recognition.
  2. An opportunity to represent the company at a high-profile event.
  3. Charitable contribution in the employee’s name.
  4. Financial award.
  5. Special task force or committee membership.
  6. Team event with focus on the high achievers.
  7. Honorary temporary job title.
There are countless ways and ideas to inspire your team. These 7 ideas are some of the most popular. The written recognition is one of the most popular and most effective. There is something special about a simple piece of paper with your name, words of high praise, and the signature of the boss. The chance to represent the organization at a prestigious event is a spin-off of the written recognition idea. There are few things more inspiring than feeling important in a group of  your peers. A charitable contribution with your employee’s name on it is an excellent way to make an emotional connection. Financial rewards are always nice because it allows the employee to choose how he converts that cash into a notable object. Membership in a special task force gives the employee a feeling of contribution and importance. A team event is an excellent way to inspire others to raise their standard of excellence. The honorary job title provides an employee the opportunity to feel important while getting a glimpse into the life in upper management. Ideas to inspire your team are meant to help you maintain a happier, more loyal, and more productive workforce. You, and your business, will not succeed without a happy team. Your effort to show appreciation and motivate each member of your team will never go unnoticed. Remember that any effort is better than no effort. What unique ideas to you have to inspire your team? Please share your thoughts. We value your comments.

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