9 Secrets to Awesome Presentations ( Part 1)

Secrets to Awesome Presentations is a three part blog series on how impress your audience. Perception is reality and when your audience perceives you as a rock star then that is what you are. Master these nine points and become the leader you were meant to be and build your own brand of success. Great leaders are great communicators. Your ability to attract and keep people’s attention is key to your ability to lead. As an entrepreneur, you must be a leader.
Consider these three secrets to making an awesome impression:
  • Stay Connected
  • Lifelong Commitment to Learning
  • Be the Expert
Every great newscaster, talk show host, or blogger knows that having your thumb on the pulse of your niche is critical to your success. You must stay connected with the subjects that interest your audience. It is also important to know the language, the slang, and the industry terms of art that are frequently used in those circles of influence. “Running it up the flag pole”, “unpacking the box”, “customer centric”, “paradigm shift”, are all examples of industry language that is used but also becomes annoying. Staying connected means that know when and when not to use such trends. Every great business strategist has a lifelong commitment to learning. 
Your willingness to stay ahead of trends and recognize economic signals is important to sustainable success. Lifelong learning is the key to continual growth and satisfaction. You are the expert. Even if you are not, you must be the expert when you are on the stage. Present your material in a way that shows competency but not arrogance. Never talk down to your audience but be careful not to speak above their competence level. Be willing to accept input from your audience but within limitation. Own up to mistakes. People love the realness of a person who is strong enough to admit when they are wrong. Here is the one thing: awesome presentations are all about you. Know your audience and what they want to hear then give it to them.
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