9 Secrets to Awesome Presentations (Part 2)

Secrets to Awesome Presentations is a three part blog series on how impress your audience. Perception is reality and when your audience perceives you as a rock star then that is what you are. Master these nine points and become the leader you were meant to be and build your own brand of success. Part 2 reviews three more tips to help you be real, build connections, and become important to your audience. As your business grows, the demand for skilled communicators will increase as well. Your ability to lead through motivation and the spoken word is critical in this effort. Consider these three presentation tips to help you become the communicating leader you must be:
  • Be real and be relevant.
  • Be passionate and unpredictable.
  • Build emotional connections.
Remember your audience. You are likely speaking to a group of professionals who are high energy, disorganized, slightly stressed, and over booked. Their time is worth more than you can afford to buy. Be sure that what you provide and they way you deliver it is worth their time. Be relevant by clarifying what your message means and what value it offers to each audience member. Clarify that message early and often. In the age where everyone is a “life coach” or some other type of self labeled guru, with little or no official credentials, 
If you are gifted enough to sound like a nightly news anchor then strive to sound more local but never fake an accent. How your passion about your topic. Make eye contact. Use body language and expressions but be authentic. The smart business strategist knows that emotion drives almost every decision. Reach your audience in a personal way. Use metaphors and short stories with which your audience can identify. Never tell hunting stories at an animal rights or vegan convention. Do not use golf analogies in a group of coal miners or rice farmers. Tell appropriate jokes to drive home an important point. Here is the thing: Know your audience. Communicate in the way they understand. Be real and show your weaknesses. Use passion and emotion in your communication style. Become the communicative leader you were meant to be.      
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