Internet Advertising Frustrations

Internet advertising is something I find frustrating. There are about 7.1 billion people on earth, as of this post. Newsflash! Not everyone is a customer. We cannot be all things to all people. You would be surprised how many aspiring entrepreneurs insist that every person on the planet could benefit from their latest invention. The successful business strategist is the one who knows his customer better than he knows his family. Your ability find your customer and bend his ear toward your product is the foundation of a winning marketing strategy. Internet advertising is just one of many tools to scream from the rooftops to tell the world about the most brilliant idea since sliced bread. In the early days of this medium there were many who insisted that the smart strategy would be this format quickly pushing out all other forms of advertising. We believed that by 2010 print media, radio, and TV, would be as outdated as a Sony Walkman. Since everyone would be consuming media in electronic format, there would be no one looking at a TV so there would be no value in advertising there. Wait, backup, you do not know what a Walkman is? Consider these thoughts on the good, bad, and ugly of internet advertising for smart strategy: THE GOOD
  • Internet advertising is still the fastest growing medium for a business strategist.
  • Websites are far easier to update than print, video, or audio.
  • Easy access means it has never been cheaper or easier to do it yourself.
  • Measuring the effectiveness of your message is challenging.
  • Due to the size and reach of the web, your message risks getting lost in a noisy world.
  • Technology moves so fast that your trendy message today is stale tomorrow.
THE UGLY “Creating an online platform to promote your latest widget is expensive.
Harnessing the power of internet advertising is technologically challenging. It costs money and it takes time to master. There are many self labeled gurus out there who promote easy and quick success for your business by going virtual in your advertising. Some of them use their own online platform as an example. Consider these ugly facts:
  • They fail to highlight the fine print where it shows that they have been struggling for more than a decade.
  • They’ve spent more on advertising than most people earn in a year.
  • They had access to the best and brightest in the internet advertising world to help. You and I will not and do not have that kind of access.
The good news is that it is possible to build an outstanding internet advertising strategy for your business. I’ve never quoted our current POTUS but I think it might be OK on this one little instance. “Yes You Can”! You can but do not be a fool. There is still no secret formula that you can buy for $19.95. There is still no amount of “coaching” from ex CEO types that will improve your chances. Time, money, determination, dedication, time, money, more time, more money, and faith. That is what it takes. Read more on internet advertising here.
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