Affordable Business Team Motivation Methods

Affordable business team motivation is easier than you might realize. Your business is nothing without the team. Even if you only have part time employees, you are still their leader. Your ability to motivate each member of your team may mean the difference between success and failure. Ways to Motivate Your Team is a series of blog posts to help you become a better leader. Method 2 offers low-cost methods to motivate your team. Motivation is rarely about money but smartly spent dollars can pay big dividends. Inspiring your employees to achieve personal greatness is often about identifying what exactly is each person’s unspoken interest. Identify then deliver on that specific interest and you increase the chances of higher productivity and team loyalty.

Consider these low-cost methods for reward and motivation:

  • Set your budget at less than $45.
  • Purchase an engraved gift for specific achievement.
  • Appreciation days are affordable and popular.
It is easy to go over your budget. The budget limit must be reasonable as to keep the activity about the recognition and not the gift item. Remember that there is an unclear line between an encouraging, affordable reward and an inappropriate, expensive gift item. Focus on something memorable which will remind your team of your appreciation. An example of affordable business team motivation is an engraved item. It is often an excellent way to maintain fond memories of past accomplishments. Engraved items are of special importance when it commemorates a special day or a famous name. Be sure that the engraving is appropriate and specific to the accomplishment. Be wary of engraved words that span different languages. Misinterpreting a phrase may lead to unintended consequences. Appreciation days are great ways to reward a small group with recognition. You budget might be stretched on this one but use common sense. You want the team to remember the people being recognized and not those sandwiches with the crust removed. Hang a banner, order a cake, invite a limited but important group of employees. Read more on ways to motivate your team on this blog. How many times did you say thanks, and motivate your team, today? Please share your thoughts. We value your input.
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