If you've arrived at this page then you want to learn more about me. As a Small Business Strategist and Entrepreneur Coach, I help turn entrepreneurial dreams into business success reality. Smart Strategy, Bold Leadership, and Healthy Balance is how we "Build Your Success, Your Way". It is not just my slogan, it is the foundation of how I help others reach their highest potential and find their personal peak..

At Smart Success Now, I define success by the number of lives I help change. Love what you do! Stop wishing every day was Friday. There is no recipe for success in dreading Monday morning.

Every great business consultant has the heart of a teacher. As a Business College Professor, focusing on Small Business Management, I help the next generation of aspiring business leaders learn the fundamentals of success..

Most of my students are Single Parents, Corporate Managers, and Entrepreneurs finding the courage to make that leap into small business ownership. My students discover what it means to develop smart strategy, be bold leaders, and have healthy balanced life for sustainable success.


As a Podcaster, in the Business and Entrepreneur Segment, I share all that I learned from 20 years of trying, failing, trying again, and succeeding. My guests and I discuss the true story of bootstrapping your way to success. Without the marketing fluff, we explore proven business strategies supported by Christian principles.

Here is my commitment to you: No Ex-CEOs pushing the same tired slogans since 1985, no best selling authors selling rags to riches fairytales. My way is raw, sometimes rough but always true. Let's get real! There is no such thing as the one minute millionaire. A four-hour work week is foolish. There is nothing smart about passive income.

As a Business Blogger, in the Business and Entrepreneur Segment, I share guidance on how to "Build Your Success, Your Way" through Smart Strategy, Bold Leadership and Healthy Balance based on Christian principles and proven methods. Get answers based on proven solutions one blog post at a time. Subscribe and get the updates directly to your inbox.

Each of my posts is directed at you, the busy entrepreneur. You are not alone. You will find unique answers to common challenges faced by other entrepreneurs based on Christian principles and proven business methods. Patiently helpful, specifically focused, never fake, no fluff. I promise.

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