Business Opportunity – Plant Seeds, Reap Rewards

Autumn is upon us. Green turns to orange. Warm breeze turns to cool wind. This season is a time of plenty where months of hard work and planning now present the bounty. All natural things have a season and a cycle of life. You might be surprised that this ancient cycle is a recipe for success for your business opportunity. Entrepreneurs face many challenging questions. One of the most challenging is to know when. When to invest, when to research, when to develop, when to advertise, when to launch a new product. Launch your product too early and your customers will not adopt it. Launch it too late and your competitors will probably already own the market niche. The good news is that there are some wise methods to improving your timing. Accept the natural order of things. Learn work with the natural cycles as opposed to working against industry forces. Proper planning can reduce your risk and increase your chances of a successful small business launch. Consider the following issues when planning your business or product launch. To understand proper timing means you must understand your customer. Improper timing means that you might run out of resources, lost customer interest, and increased costs of production and sales. Consider this list as a stop and go map. If you cannot answer yes to each question then stop at that question and address it before moving forward. It is obvious that you must have enough customers to buy your product. There is no magic number. Your customer base might be 5 or might be 500. The answer is unique to your business strategy. Understanding what your customer needs is pivotal to the success of your new offering. Know your customers better than you know your family. Always be sure you have enough product to fill the orders.
Let’s be honest, it is impossible to time the market but you must start market trends. Becoming a student of the economic markets will make you a better business pro. Finally, it is all about profit. If you cannot make a profit then the entire effort is worthless. Be sure to think far enough into the future to consider whether your profit is sustainable. The more of these you can answer in the affirmative, the more confidence you will have in your product launch. The smart business strategist is one who looks before he leaps. Avoid paralysis by analysis but do your homework.
Business opportunity often lies at the intersection of your best product and your customer’s greatest need. Simple but effective research can uncover potential hot spots of sustainable profitability. The Breviary: Be deliberate in the launch of a business or product. Use simple but effective tools to give you an advantage. Read more about how to find good business opportunity here.  
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