Celebrate Like Miss Universe

You’re a winner! Everyone loves a winner. Whether it is a cheap stuffed animal at the county fair, the lottery, or the Miss Universe Pageant, the feeling is the same. Studies show that no matter what you win, the physiological result is mostly the same. Entrepreneurs often focus on what is going wrong and not on what is going right. The smart business strategist learns how to celebrate small successes may mean the difference between your dream job and a desk job.
Miss Universe, and every pageant winner, learned to compete long before the day of the competition. Long hours of perfecting both art and science of whatever the competition requires is mandatory. Small steps forward and plenty of setbacks are common. The winners, like Miss Universe, also master the art of celebrating small wins.
  • What if you identified one small accomplishment to celebrate every day?
  • What if you shed tears, smiled, laughed, and waived thanks to thousands of admirers?
  • What if each small win created an addiction to winning leading to a lifetime of success?
Those three questions are the foundation of sustainable success for every entrepreneur who ever pulled up a bootstrap anywhere on the planet. Remember that over 90% of all fail because they quit, not because they lacked the ability. Small business success is survival of the fittest in the marathon of chasing your dreams. It is not about finishing first, it is about running the race and never quitting. What small thing will cause you to celebrate like Miss Universe today?      
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