Competency Over Charisma

Consider these four famous names: Mao, Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini. What common traits did these four famous political names have? Each was one of the world’s most powerful leaders. Each had the ability to captivate masses of people with their personality. Every one of the four names was an incompetent leader and a massive failure. Remember also that each one of these famously bad leaders destroyed their nations from within by inciting hatred, greed, racism, and warfare. Good leadership principles are universal. The same values that make great national leaders are those that make successful entrepreneurs. We could create a list of great leadership skills that would wrap around the world. Above all else, great leaders encourage freedom of choice and never force followers into any decision. A short list of excellent leadership skills includes:
  • Personal accountability for our actions.
  • Charity to those who need help.
  • Education and enlightenment for all.
  • Kindness and patience because none of us is perfect.
  • Dedication and loyalty to a cause larger than ourselves.
  • Courage in the face of fear and failure.
Excellent leadership is not created through charisma. Great leaders are born through competency. Their ability to motivate others through emotion is most effectively observed through their actions, not their words. Be wary of any leader on any stage that attempts to motivate the masses through emotion. A common emotional appeal tactic is the phrase “for the children”. Manipulating political figures across the globe have historically used this phrase to mask their true motivations. Your business operation is no different in terms of leadership effectiveness. Select your management team carefully. Even small amounts of power and influence bring out the worst behavior in incompetent managers. Remind your managers often about their duty to serve both their customers and their team members. Deal swiftly and harshly with anyone who demonstrates power hungry tendencies.
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