Create a Facebook Business Page

Creating the Facebook Business Page is not just for college kids. This online meeting place can be one of the most powerful platforms to announce your services and products to the world. There are over 500 Million active users on this social media site and that number is still growing. Can you reach your target market? According to Facebook, two out of three users are out of college. The fastest growing segment are those older than age 35. Here are three reasons why FB could be great:
  1. Get noticed by your target market.
  2. Stay engaged with your existing customers.
  3. Build a loyal tribe of followers for your brand.
Speaking directly to your potential customers is increasingly challenging. The market place is more crowded and more noisy than ever. Your ability to reach specific groups of people in large numbers is powerful. Your ability to stay engaged with your existing customers is critical to your sustainable success. Remember that it is cheaper to keep existing customers when compared to getting new ones. Your ability to build a loyal tribe of fans and followers is important to your credibility as a service or product provider. Word of mouth promotion is still one of the most powerful forms of marketing. Your Facebook business page is different from your personal profile. Note the terms “page” and “profile” are different things. A page is for your business while a profile is for your personal information. Note that a business page is automatically set to different security settings. People can add themselves to your page without your approval. This business page is where you share images. This is where you communicate your value proposition. Your page should include a free offer or a call to action to keep people interested. Share your blog posts and tweets. Promote things you post to Pinterest and Stumbleupon. Upload YouTube videos and create a discussion board. Use a news feed to keep the page dynamic. Be sure that you have plenty of links back to your website or blog. Reach out to your audience. Be sure to make your page searchable by the public. Upload an email list and blast out an announcement of your new site. Invite prospects to join a special Facebook group where you are the host. More on how to create a Facebook Business Page from Hubspot.
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