5 Ways to Cut Clutter from Your Life

Are you living a life inconsistent with your values? We work more than we should to buy more than we need to have a life that we do not like. Ways to Cut Clutter is a blog post series to help you simplify, focus, and get control of your life. Reducing the amount of stuff in our lives is challenging. We worked hard to earn the money to buy each item we purchased. We once convinced ourselves that each item was worth trading precious hours for precious dollars. We now much accept that the item in question was a waste and must be discarded along with the hours and dollars lost. Never let a one-time mistake be a lifetime mistake. Here are some ways to cut clutter and take control:
  • If you have not used in a year, trash it.
  • Clean and organize with efficiency.
  • Box questionable items and store them, temporarily.
  • Shop with a system.
  • Keep the outside out and the inside in.
The 12 month standard for any item is not a new one. This is an age-old technique to help you be clutter free. With certain exceptions, useful items are often seasonal. Your winter boots should be used in winter. If they are not used then send them to the Goodwill. Trendy style clothing of last year could be simply ugly by year 3. A watch that you have not worn in years and that has no personal value should be donated for a better cause. Use the wisdom of big business to maximize your daily activity. Six Sigma statistical methodology is a proven way to cut the fat from any process thus saving time and money. You do not need to be a Six Sigma Guru to master your house cleaning schedule. Examine how you can clean one room at a time without leaving that room until completed. Time is wasted walking from room to room. When in doubt, about an item, box it up. Consider not labeling the box. Put it in the back of the closet or somewhere out of view. If you come across the box a year later and forget what is in it then trash it. Focus on efficiency in your shopping routine. Buy in bulk. Plan your meals. Shop from left to right in the grocery store. Never go down the same row twice. Use a list. Shop along the edges of the store and avoid the middle . These are also excellent diet habits. If you must drive to multiple stores then save time, and fuel, by never backtracking. Your home is a somewhat sealed building. It is not meant to be one with nature. Your home is designed to insulate you from nature, bugs, creatures, extreme temperatures, and criminals. When you bring in things like live plants and animals, you bring in nature. That includes dirt, hair, bugs etc. This results in increased cleaning time and effort. Keep it either inside or outside, not both. Your ability to cut clutter from your life is critical to your success. Time is money. The less time you are spending on daily life chores, the more time you have to devote to your dream, your business, and your life. How do you cut clutter? Please share your thoughts. We value your comments.  
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