How to Deliver Service Like Domino’s Pizza

Instant gratification, a gold standard for every service anywhere on the planet. We live in a world where everyone has access to almost everything. There are no secrets. In theory, we could learn the latest brain surgery technique from watching Youtube. I a world of just in time manufacturing and possible drone delivery of Domino’s Pizza, what competitive advantage is left for the small business owner? As an entrepreneur, you will likely never compete on price or advertising. Your competitors will always have deeper pockets to price cut or out spend you every effort. Top talent also almost always is attracted to large firms too, thanks to fast salaries and hiring bonuses. Increasing regulations also means that research and development is more expensive than ever which also favors large operations. What then, is your competitive advantage.¬†
Best quality personal service can mean many things. Your customer may value fastest delivery, best taste, or simply a personal working relationship with a friendly sales rep. Domino’s Pizza was never known for the best pizza in town but they have always been recognized as an industry leader in the fastest delivery time for acceptable quality. The store has it’s roots in 1960’s Michigan. It is the rise of pizza in Europe that is most notable. 1985, Domino’s Pizza opened the first store on a quiet British street in Luton, Bedfordshire. Ten years later, the chain had 100 stores and they are still growing. This ubiquitous pizza delivery brand mastered the art of service delivery. They knew exactly who was buying their product and why. Middle class workers in the USA and U.K. have a few things in common. Longer days, stretched budgets, shrinking time to make proper dinner. For the business strategist, the answer was, is, and will be Domino’s. Fast, cheap, hot. sometimes tasty but always EASY and easy for us means ¬†profits for them.   ¬© Flynt | Dreamstime.comCustomer Service Satisfaction Survey Photo
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