Describe Your Company’s Services

Your company’s services description provides investors, loan offers, or other readers with a big picture view of how you will earn money from your customers. This section is relatively extensive when compared with the previous two sections of your Company Summary and Executive Summary. The Services section is where you provide information on your most valued offerings. You will also explain how those offerings are superior to your top competitors. As always, remember your reader and the typically short attention span of business professionals. Include these subjects:
  • Service Description
  • Competitive Comparison
  • Marketing Literature
  • Delivery and Technology
  • Potential Future Services
Your company’s services description should be a concise statement on what you plan to offer and why you think customers will pay you for it. This is an excellent section to describe how you will convey your value in print and electronic media. Remember to explain how you plan to deliver your product or service. Consider whether you product is delivered through mail order, electronically or through services representatives. Think about what cutting edge technology innovations will help you improve the customer experience. Finally, dream a little. What life changing services or products would you love to offer in the future? Consider what innovations are being tested that have not hit the market yet. Be mindful of who is reading your business plan. Remember that a banker may look at your plan differently than a venture capitalist. A potential business partner will focus on your competitive products while the banker may focus on what you have for collateral. Always remember to be concise and efficient in your writing style. Your goal is to get the reader engage you in a discussion. Your goal is not to give the reader everything he needs within the document only. Ultimately, you will be selling yourself and your entrepreneurial talent.
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