Easy Steps to Better Leadership Communication (Part 1)

Steps to better leadership communication is a two-part blog series on how to build a healthier organization through leadership communication. Part 1 reviews three ways to improve two-way communication to help you build your own brand of success. Effective communication is critical to small business success. Business strategists work tirelessly to help leaders and their teams improve pathways of information exchange. Poor communication is blamed for countless business failures and leadership careers ending sooner than expected. Consider these three ways to help improve your team’s leadership communication.
  • Scheduled and predictable performance feedback.
  • Internal forums or blogs.
  • Frequent postings on bulletin boards.
Employees like predictability.
┬áTeams need feedback. They need to know what was done well and what needs improvement. Feedback sessions must be predictable. Scheduling such sessions helps employees reduce the stress of the unexpected. Transparency is all the rage. Employees want and expect clarity concerning business operations. An effective way to convey messages is with a message board, blog, or forum. These methods are often one-way communication where participation is not expected. These boards provide an excellent way to provide transparency and eliminate suspicion. Consider posing weekly scheduled updates from management, marketing, or budget meetings. Remember that employees are not machines. Your team is built of living, breathing, thinking individuals who expect accurate and frequent information. The more you provide, the more you are likely to build trust, improve retention, and raise productivity.  
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