#18 Book Writing Smartly with Emily Chase-Smith [Podcast Part 2]

Emily and Bennett review an easy way to book writing in part 2 of 2 of this edition of Small Business Success Unzipped with Bennett Johnson podcast. Let us be honest. Book writing is not easy. When we use the phrase “the easy way” we refer to a less challenging way to quality results. As a recovering career lawyer, Emily is now a Ghost Writer of non-fiction books. That means if you have a song in your heart or a book on your break then Emily can help you turn that business dream into entrepreneurial success reality in the form of a book. Why a ghost writer? Consider these reasons:
  • Writing a book is difficult and most folks are allergic to difficult.
  • We never know when to stop writing.
  • Editing blows!
  • Negotiating with book agents blows more than editing.
In part 2 of this podcast series, Emily explains how ghost writers of books help make the book writing process much easier for you, the author. Most of us lack the natural talent to replace the decades of skill acquired by a professional writer. It is a skill better left to the professional. That does not diminish our unique life story that only we can offer to readers. It is logical to say that most best selling books have never been written because the story tellers are not book writers. Leave it to the professionals and let your story of grand adventure find its way to the world through a ghost writer like Emily Chase-Smith.

You Can Do This

Writing a book has never been easier. You’ve never had better, faster, cheaper access to excellent support for book writing ideas into reality. 500 words per day equals 50,000 words in roughly three moths. 500 words is less than you think. It is a handful of emails to friends, one short blog post, or just a fraction of the length of the average phone conversation you have with family or friends. If you are not into typing then consider high tech solutions like Dragon brand voice recognition software which turns your voice into text.  An even easier option is to record your thoughts into a voice recorder and let a ghost writer organize those thoughts into print for you.

Help Others in Book Writing

When college students are asked what they want to do for a career, the number one answer is that they want to help others. Help others be healthier. Help others be happier. Help others be more successful. By the time we reach 40, we realize that helping others is great but it is not that simple. Career demands, bills, raising a family, and many other realities of life dilute that idealistic attitude of helping others. A book is an excellent way to get back to that original idea of helping others.

The Breviary

We outsource just about everything in our lives. Why not outsource the book writing? Help others by letting others help you. A ghost writer is an excellent way for the busy professional to get that book written in a faster way. Reach out to Emily Chase-Smith at this link. An interesting take on the conflicting values between Ghost Writers and clients can be found on www.talkingpointsmemo.com regarding Trump’s Ghost Writer.
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