Fun Friday – Concealed Carry Handgun Choices

You have a life outside of work.  We work hard and play harder.  Fun Friday gear reviews are about great stuff that helps improve our experience.  These are unbiased and real world tests from a wanna be adventurist who works more than he plays. I hope you use these posts to define “your own brand of success” outside of work. This subject might not be fun but it is certainly serious. Personal protection is paramount for a small business owner. Concealed carry handgun choices is a blog post to help you arm yourself with knowledge to make an informed decision. I recently became certified for concealed carry handgun and purchased firearms for that purpose. Here is what I learned:
  • Size matters more than you might think. Not bullet size but handgun size.
  • Comfortable and confident carrying is imperative.
  • The easier to operate the better.
I admit that I was a victim of the misinformed online commenters regarding caliber size etc. Many well-meaning but uninformed commenters convinced me that I need larger bullets. The result was that I purchased two reputable, and relatively small, handguns for concealed carry personal protection. The Beretta Nano 9mm Auto and the S&W .38 Special Airweight Revolver were small but not small enough to be comfortable, and concealable, during the summer months when clothes are snug and minimal. I also discovered that these excellent handguns were not effective to carry while jogging or cycling. The revolutionary designs were smaller and lighter than ever before but still represented uncomfortable bulk and bulges during athletic activity. Besides the weight, depending on your state, the silhouette of a handgun under a tight-fitting shirt is unacceptable as a concealed carry option. The result was that my wife and I were the proud owners of world-class firearms that were staying at home when they should be on our hips for protection. We decided that the Beretta Nano and the Smith and Wesson Airweight would be our winter season concealed carry options only. We went back to shopping and researching for smaller concealed carry handgun options. After extensive searching, we decided on a pair of .380 Auto handguns. The Sig Sauer P238 .380 Auto and the M&P Bodyguard .380 Auto were our choices. These were excellent decisions. The results were instant. Our comfort, confidence, and eagerness to carry the little protective gems was higher than ever. Remember that violent crime is rare and unfortunate. It is not rare enough that we should not take it seriously or hope that it does not happen to us. Take control of your own safety and never be a victim. If handguns make you uncomfortable just imagine how a capable criminal focused on you would make you feel. If you cannot handle a handgun then consider viable alternatives like pepper spray and taser defense weapons. The US Constitution clearly enumerates the right to bear arms. With that right comes responsibility to be educated, trained, and focused. The goal of this blog post was to give you information to help you make your own informed decision about what firearm to carry for protection. I will create future posts reviewing each of the four guns mentioned in this article. How do you protect yourself, the ones you love, and your customers?  
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