God’s Not Dead Movie-Pearls of Wisdom

God’s Not Dead movie is catching on around the nation. The story is about a young college kid who is required to write that God is dead, on an assignment, or fail the philosophy class. The student refuses and instead braves massive social torment to justify his faith. The story is inspirational but it is missing one fundamental truth. Faith need not be justified to anyone at anytime. Your dream to become a successful entrepreneur lies on the foundation of that same universal truth. Your desire to make your own path and build your own brand of success need not be justified. Here are some ways to say yes when everyone else is screaming no:
  • Recognize that your goals are bigger than you.
  • Remember that the fruits of your labor are not for your benefit.
  • Accept the criticism of others graciously.
You serve a higher purpose. If your goal is to make enough money to buy that house on the hill, the newest Ferrari, or to get the most attractive girl in town then you will be grossly disappointed. Your success is not defined in the number of things you buy but in the number of people you help. Improve the lives of the less fortunate. Create new efficiency methods to deliver affordable goods to those who need them most. Invent a new medical technology that saves the lives of millions Perfect a skill set that makes you more valuable than your weight in gold. Maintain the attitude that you are here to serve a greater cause. Your work is for the glory of God. Put that goal first and the rest will take care of itself. Demonstrate your faith in the Almighty by being the best at even the most lowly of jobs. Dig the best ditch anyone has ever seen. Wash those dishes until they shine better than new. Milk that cow before she even notices you were there. Ok, that last one was comical but that is a personal story for another time. That point is that you must do your best as if God were watching. Remember that showing up and doing the best work possible means that you will not be doing that so called lowly job for long. Your rise to the top is virtually guaranteed as long as you maintain that attitude. Welcome the critique of others. Remember that the criticism received from others is often a reflection of their own short comings, not yours. There are still pearls of wisdom to be gained from the ugly words of others. Buried within their unwarranted verbal bashing ┬ámay be hints of truth. Be mindful that your work is not for your own glory. Your work is to serve others so regardless of what you think, it is the opinion of your customers that matters most. The new movie release of God’s Not Dead is an inspiring story of faith, courage, hope, and love. It is also a reminder that your greatest rewards may come from your greatest source of pain. Believe in yourself.  
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