Integrity for Business Success

Integrity for business success is not easy to achieve. A fish rots from the head. “Un poisson un pourrit par la tete” is how my Cajun French Grandmother said it. The soul of your small business develops at the top and trickles down. The moral integrity in each layer of your business operation must also be as strong as the layer before it. If your secretary is of the same high integrity as your top management team, they will keep each other in check. Your team will forgive you for making a poor hiring decision on a new virtual assistant. Remember that your team will forgive you for hiring someone with:
  • Bad Manners
  • Ignorance
  • Substandard Skillsets
Your team will not forgive you if you hire a bad managing director. They will not hold the bad hire accountable. You will be put to the fire for your lack of judgement. When you hire someone new, your team will quickly evaluate that decision. The subordinates will know the quality of your new hire long before you do. Your ability to recruit the finest leaders available will be your test as a leader. Your management team secretly adds or subtracts points from your influence with each decision you make. Leading through excellent talent demands that you use proven methods in your hiring decisions. Do not think that you have the ability to evaluate a candidate’s potential based on your own instincts. There is plenty of research data proving that your instincts are unreliable. Utilize easy and short personality profile tools, like the DISC, to gain more insight onto your candidates natural behavioral patterns. Spend time with the candidate outside of the office. Observe how the recruit treats the waiter during lunch hour. In summary, your ability to recruit and manage top talent is the ultimate measure of your ability to lead. Your team will measure your competence as a leader through your hiring decisions. You will be allowed many mistakes. The one thing that your employees will not accept is your selection of bad managers. Interesting read on integrity can be found here.
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