Impress Like Professionals

Impress like professionals for successful life because life is competitive. Learning to impress like a professional is fundamental to those who achieve their goals and dreams. The most desirable lifestyles, careers, and locations are all in short supply. The smallest competitive edge might be all you need to win. Don’t forget the basics. Proper attire and good manners are always in style. First impressions are still one of the most powerful tools for success in your career and your personal life. Polite attitudes and pressed dress shirts are habits of the highly successful but not as common as you might expect. Before you stress about the font on your resume or the watch on you wrist, focus on the basics of traditional conservative business culture.┬áMany rules business culture are not written but these rules are highly reinforced. The best way to learn these unwritten rules is to observe others. Start with these fundamentals:
  • Trendy is often not professional.
  • Good grooming is always in style.
  • Being prepared is often under appreciated.
In the Dot Com bubble of the 1990’s, America experimented with a brief trend towards more casual workplace behavior. Relaxed dress codes, work hours, and many other traditional workplace etiquette behaviors were challenged. That did not work out as expected. The problems with these sloppy standards were amplified when the economic tech bubble deflated and companies came back to reality.
In business circles, we are all judged and we all make judgements and there is nothing wrong with that. Good grooming is one of the easiest ways to impress like a professional. Stick to traditional and less trendy styles. Observe the grooming habits of team leaders for cues on what unwritten rules are present in your organization. Impress like professionals and being respectful in your professional career seems obvious but it is not practiced as much as you think. Outright insults are usually avoided but veiled acts of rudeness and gossip corrosive to the culture of many businesses. That passive aggressive attitude is infectious and extremely harmful to productivity and sustainability. Stay alert, sit up straight, listen to others, talk less are just a few of the tips to remember. Try it, you might be surprised how many of these are often violated. Being prepared is one of the most overlooked habits of those who know how to impress like a professional. This is more than simply being on time. A prepared business pro is someone who knows the material, ask pertinent questions, and provides quality answers to the questions of others. How many times have you observed attendees nodding off in meetings. How many times have you watched a coworker ask a question which exposes the fact that he did not do his research? Practicing good manners is important to impress like professionals when using technology like cell phones and social media is something new to this list of how to impress like a professional. Remember that not every business acquaintance wants to be your friend on social media. Your cell phone is best turned off or left outside of the room during private business meetings. If you send someone an email, that you’ve never met, then introduce yourself as if you were talking to them for the first time, in person. The Breviary: Proper business etiquette speeds the process of business operation. Good manners improves everyone’s work experience. Your reputation follows you everywhere you go. Learn to impress like a professional and gain that competitive edge you’ve been looking for. More details on business manners can be found at
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