Lessons from St. Patrick on Your Destiny

The fifth century saint and symbol of Ireland started his life in unfortunate circumstances. According to the document confession of St. Patrick, he was not a believer in his youth. At age 16, he was kidnapped from Great Britain and forced into slavery in Ireland. His six years of slave captivity were the pivotal moment in St. Patrick becoming one of the most recognized religious figures in history. Here are pearls of wisdom to draw from his legacy:
  • Never be a victim.
  • Apply the whole of your life experience.
  • Be open to what God has planned.
Documented history says that St. Patrick was taken from his home, his family, and everything he knew by Irish pirates. He spent crucial formative teenage years as a slave in a strange land under forced labor. In today’s world, we would find excuses to explain why such a person would spend his life being angry, playing the victim, seeking endless amounts of reparation for the harm done to him. The opposite is true. St. Patrick was known for kindness, generosity, and forgiveness. Lessons from St. Patrick demands that we never allow our past to force us to be a victim in the present. Your are not defined by one event in your life. The leader you are meant to be is the culmination of every event in your life. Misfortune teaches you to feel sympathy for others. Pulling yourself up and out of regrettable circumstances helps you lead others out of bondage and misery. Success gives you plenty and affords you the gift of giving to less fortunate. Lessons from St. Patrick demands that we learn what it is to be patient, generous, kind, and dedicated. Every one of us is called to do something great. No, contrary to some best selling authors, that does not mean every one of us is called to be wealthy. It means we have been given unique gifts and it is our responsibility to make the most of those gifts for the benefit of others. Remember that the journey of self discovery is a lengthy process. It might take failure or several failures for you to find your path to success. Let us pray that your personal path is not as extreme as that of St. Patrick. Lessons from St. Patrick demand that we accept that we are destined to do something great and that greatness requires us to be open to God’s message. St. Patrick’s Day is as much a cultural holiday, for the Western World, as it is a religious day for Catholics. It is a reminder that even the most unfortunate among us have lives of value. What ¬†you are today does not dictate what you can be tomorrow.
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