Link Up with Your LinkedIn Business Page

Bennett’s Six Steps to Success in Online Marketing is a new blog series to help you develop your online marketing campaign. This post features how to Link up with your LinkedIn business page. Let us start with why. Why does a LinkedIn matter for you, the entrepreneur? LinkedIn was traditionally used for working professionals to keep their careers alive and maybe find upward career mobility. If you are an entrepreneur then you already decided that the traditional day job is not for you. Here are four reasons why this platform matters to you:
  1. According to LinkedIn, the platform now has upwards of 250,000 million users in over 210 countries.
  2. It claims to offer the world’s largest social media site for professionals.
  3. The site hosts more than 3 million companies and growing.
  4. They are still signing up fast folks. The signup rate is 2-3 new companies every day.
With that kind of following, LinkedIn is a proven tool to help you get noticed in that noisy world. A decade ago, I bought into a tax preparation franchise. They measured the marketing potential of any new location through counting the number of cars that drove by on an average day. I assure you that there never even close to 200 million cars driving in front of my store. This example highlights the power of social media and tools like LinkedIn. How about a product launch? Where else could you tell tens of millions of people about your latest and greatest widget and not pay a dime for the service? Companies are always working hard to generate more leads. Companies spend thoughts and sometimes millions to reach a market much smaller than 200 million people. You can also target your specific niche because LinkedIn has its own search engine. Here are some reasons and ways to maximize your LinkedIn Business Page:
  • Engage with your audience to build that loyal following.
  • Highlight product and get feedback on new concepts.
  • Control your brand perception with your company’s and personal story.
  • Recruit new top talent through sharing of career opportunities.
As promised, it can all be done in 15 minutes, or less, every day. Unlike Facebook and other platforms, Twitter says that one or two posts per day is just fine. The focus is on quality, not quantity. The numbers are important so the site provides some basic stats on how many viewers you are getting. Three actions that you should consider every day are:
  1. Respond to comments from your readers.
  2. Post new and interesting content.
  3. Monitor the discussion and the analysis.
For a lagniappe, consider exclusive offers only for your LinkedIn subscribers. Whoa, full stop. You do not know what a “lagniappe” is? A lagniappe is a term that we Cajun folks use to describe something extra. The general rule is that a lagniappe must be something great and unexpected. Maybe a free eBook or a discounted service.
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