Best Tips for Being Married to an Entrepreneur

Family Owned Business is a series of blog posts about the exciting, rewarding, often challenging, and always unique elements of family owned small businesses. No, we are not talking about the Mafia. Family members make great partners, right? Wrong! Read these posts before you risk everything. Being married to an entrepreneur can be particularly challenging.
. Being married to a small business entrepreneur comes with great privilege and great burden. The spouse also becomes an entrepreneur by default. It is also possible that you or your matrimonial partner is forced into the role of marketing, legal, accounting, janitorial, and psychological therapist. Your business strategy for success requires that you manage the partnership well. The rewards are a lifetime of freedom that few people ever experience. Manage it poorly and you risk not only your business but your marriage and your family. Successfully being married to an entrepreneur requires mastery of the work and life balance. Consider these three success strategy tips to improve your relationship at home and at work:
  • Excellent communication and expectations.
  • Clearly defined roles.
  • A commitment to the team.
Many family therapists say that the beginning of the end of many marriages started with the breakdown in communication. Owning a family business is stressful. It requires patience and selfless acts every day from everyone involved. That includes your ability to listen when your spouse speaks. It also includes your ability to speak and express your needs and emotions to your spouse. Trust and respect are at the center of this critical activity. Many entrepreneurs say that they started their small business because they wanted more time to spend with family. That includes raising children. A successful family demands a tremendous amount of time and dedication. A small business operation is also a demanding burden that will require more than full time commitment from at least one parent. One spouse must assume the role of full time parent and have the role clearly defined. Your commitment to the small business and marriage drive everything. Which comes first. The answer must always be your marriage. Without a healthy marriage, there is no way to run or lead a sustainable and successful small business. Your business strategy must begin with the foundations of a successful marriage.
Being married to an entrepreneur can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. Manage it well and the rewards are endless. Be deliberate, be thoughtful, and most of all, put your marriage first. What struggles do you find in your daily life and work balance? Please share your thoughts, we value your input.     
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