MBA ASAP – 3 Personalities of Entrepreneurs

Business success demands business knowledge. Six years and $60,000 worth of business education is not required but it is wise to have such a trained expert on your speed dial. MBA ASAP is a series of blog posts by such an expert to share the fundamentals of building your own brand of success. If you want to become an entrepreneur then the first step is to explore why. Knowing what motivates you is imperative for your personal happiness and sustainable success. Understanding your personality is a good way to start your own business then maintain it when others fail. There is no best type of personality for business success. Each type has weaknesses and strengths. Knowing those details gives you a distinct advantage. The 3 personalities of entrepreneurs are:
  • The Technician
  • The Manager
  • The Entrepreneur
The Technician is often an expert in a specific niche. He is typically a steady worker but prefers to work alone. A Tech usually lives in the moment and fails to think strategically. In the 3 personalities of entrepreneurs, this type would be the electrician, the plumber, the computer coder. The Manager is someone who is eager to take responsibility and leadership opportunities. A Manager will plan, strategize, and think practically. The challenge for the Manager will be to execute his ideas. Paralysis by analysis is often the dream killer for this type of entrepreneur. An Entrepreneur personality would obviously seem ideal. Of the three personalities of entrepreneurs, this type might be the least likely to succeed. The Entrepreneur often dreams up big ideas, pursues several ideas at once with great energy. Burn out happens quickly with no ideas completed or brought to market. This is obviously a short summary of what could be multiple personality combinations for the entrepreneur. The point is to understand that there is no ideal type of person for small business success. Knowing your own personality type should help you become more thoughtful in your business strategy. Understand your shortcomings and fill those holes with others who represent strength where you are weak. What personality type are you? Please share your thoughts.   
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