MBA ASAP – The Importance of Entrepreneurs

Business success demands business knowledge. Six years and $60,000 worth of business education is not required but it is wise to have such a trained expert on your speed dial. MBA ASAP is a series of blog posts by such an expert to share the fundamentals of building your own brand of success. The importance of entrepreneurs, to society, is rarely recognized. Studies show that small businesses create twice as many innovations as large corporations. Dominant entrepreneurial industries include services, retail, and healthcare. Small business entrepreneurs accounted for 97% of exported goods and imported revenue. Consider these facts:
  • Companies with fewer than 500 employees hired almost 50% of all employees.
  • More than half of American adults are self-employed at some point in their lifetime.
  • Approximately 12 million Americans are involved in entrepreneurial ventures.
As an Entrepreneur, you are not alone. More people share the dream of driving their own bus to success than ever before. If you feel the need to make a contribution to society then your work as an Entrepreneur makes more of an impact than you realize. Considering that firms with less than 500 employes are almost half of all employment in the USA, odds are that you work for or know someone who works for a small business owner. Becoming an Entrepreneur does not mean you will always be one. Since about half of adult Americans have entrepreneurial experience,  it is likely that you can learn from others. 12 million aspiring small business owners means lots of failure and lots of success stories. The majority of small business owners do not have extensive business training but that does not stop them from chasing their dream. The above set of facts supports the notion that you can find the help you need, when you need it. Go for it! Who do you know that owns a small business? What is their story of success? Please share your thoughts. We value your input. 
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