Plus Size Your Marketing with Google+

In a few short years, Google+ has attracted over 500 million users. Virtually every social medial outlet I have researched claims an either number one or number two ranking. Every client I know says that they want to be at the top of the Google search results. Considering the size of social media marketing platforms, one wonders what is so bad about being in third place or on the second page of Google search listings. Setting up your Google+ page is an easy exercise. The steps are intuitive. We are more concerned with how to make it effective in reaching your audience. Here are 5 steps to getting noticed:
  1. Google Community: Create communities around shared interests. These are similar to Pinterest Boards.
  2. +1 Button: Never underestimate the power of +1. This symbol is similar to a Facebook Like button.
  3. Google Event: Create a custom page for a unique event like a speaking engagement or workshop.
  4. The Hangout: This platform allows for group video collaboration for up to 10.
  5. Google+ Share: Share is like Tweets for Google. Blast out other members’ messages.
Use your Google Community environment to build that loyal tribe. Discuss your passion. Invite others to join and contribute. Customize a Google+ Event Page for a special event to promote your business. Raise awareness for charity events. Notify customers and prospects of clearance sales. The Hangout platform is an excellent tool for hosting early product adopter feedback conferences. Book a webinar, on a specific solution to your clients’ largest challenges. Invite your top 9 clients to attend. The +1 and Share buttons are self explanatory. Just remember that the power of the Google machine is behind you with every click. Learn the lingo. Here are a few tools, and their definitions, that will help you sound like an SEO pro: Share your content as “public” and you are creating blog posts. Your Customer Circles are considered newsletters. A Google+ Tweet is the term used when you share your content with your Circles only. It has never been easier or more affordable for an aspiring entrepreneur to yell from the rooftops: “Here I am. I can help.” The challenge now is that everyone is yelling from the rooftops. Google+ is the finest tool to help you speak directly to those who care. Plus size your marketing with Google+.  
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