Promote Your Business with Pinterest

Every new marketing method adds potential growth to your business. Before the success of online marketing, a new entrepreneur would be forced to pay for expensive radio, newspaper and other media advertising to get noticed. That is no longer necessary. Free or affordable marketing methods are now available and highly effective like never before. Promoting your business with Pinterest is one of those social media channels that compliments your website and Facebook Business marketing platform nicely. Pinterest helps a small business owner share and explore the interests of their niche markets through images. This action of “pinning” is similar to browsing the glossy photos of magazines that catch your eye. Let us be honest, we rarely read the articles without first noticing the images. Here are the basics of how to use Pinterest:
  • Pin an Image – Upload your own images and share them.
  • Create Pinboards – This is where you create boards based on different themes of interest.
  • “Pin It”  – The button that you can and should place on your website or blog to promote interests.
  • Repin – The act of sharing someone’s images that speak to your target market.
Why is Pinterest important? Over 85 Million unique visitors each month, according to eBiz. The platform claims that it is often a better referral source than Google+ and its buyers spend higher dollar amounts than many of the other social media outlets. Hubspot likes to use the Inbound Methodology of Attract->Convert->Close->Delight. This methodology moves your prospects from Strangers->Visotirs->Leads->Customers->Promoters. It is simply another proven method to build a loyal following or a tribe. To set up Pinterest for business, Google and follow their lead. The instructions are intuitive and simple. Once you have your account completed then it is time to engage. Complete these six steps to harness the power of Pinterest for your business:
  1. Create Pinboards that target your niche market.
  2. Search for other boards that relate to your interests and that of your target market.
  3. Remember to place the Pinterest Follow or Pin It button on you website, blog etc.
  4. Note that Pinterest is not just for still images. You can also upload videos.
  5. Promote your own blog content with an auto poster to your Pinterest boards.
  6. Give back. Freely promote your clients and customers by sharing their images on your boards.
This is surely not a complete list of how to fully harness the power of Pinterest but these fundamental steps will give you the best shot at great results.
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