Smarter Career Search Strategy

The smarter career search strategy means more than simply finding a job. It means finding a meaningful career where you matter. Where you make a positive impact. Where you know you are valued and provide value. Be deliberate in your search for a better future. Whether you are starting a second career, looking for your first job, or becoming an entrepreneur for the first time, you need a smart strategy. Knowing your personality, understanding the marketplace, and presenting yourself properly in the competitive marketplace is critical to your success. Forget about searching for a paycheck. Do good work, the money will come, your dreams will happen.
Every great story of success starts with a smart strategy. That includes your search for meaningful careers.  This is the 21st century, not 1985. Networking today means something totally different. Yes, it is still wise to reach out the old fashioned way. In reality, ten minutes on Twitter puts you in touch with thousands of potential employers. In 1985, you would “wear out the shoe leather” dropping your resume door to door. It would take you months to do what you can now do in minutes online. It is statistically much more likely for you to find the job of your dreams using your online network so tell the old grey hairs who haven’t searched for a job in this century to take a walk, literally. For a smarter career strategy, trust a person’s intuition. If your passion is not devoted to a career then it will show and others will notice. Conversely, if you are serious about doing good work then others will know and want you to be a part of their team. Find the type of job you know you will like and put less value on earnings. If you do what you love and do it well then the money will come. What if you are not sure? How do you know what will or will not like? There are proven ways to help you get a better idea of your true personality and what types of careers you are likely to love. A good personality assessment includes a list of seven agreed upon elements. The Breviary: The smarter career strategy demands that  you know your natural gifts and interests. Accept who you are, not who others tell you to be. There are respected tools to help you make informed decisions about your career choices. Use them! An excellent resource is the DISC.
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