Startup Success Ideas – Ask Who

Startup success ideas do not come easy. No matter what business you operate, you are in the people business. Understanding the fundamentals of human behavior will give you an excellent competitive advantage. This is not only important for you with your internal efforts. You must be able to look outward and identify your direction. The following list shows you how:
  • Who are your customers?
  • Who will be your supporters, partners, and investors?
  • Who are your competitors?
  • Who are your best team members?
Knowing exactly who will be buying your product or service is critical to your success. Your budget is tight. Never waste a dime on marketing sent in the wrong direction for startup success ideas. Be specific when identifying your customer base. Know who they are in intimate detail. Identify what attracts your customer base to your brand. A skilled marketing advisor can help you inform your niche of your excellent products and services? No person is successful alone with startup success ideas. It takes a village to raise a chile and it takes a team to run a business. You need people to encourage and support you. You need a small but qualified group of trusted advisors to get advice. Avoid partnerships wherever possible. Statistics show that most partnerships end badly. Be wary of investors. Remember that each investor will instantly want to tell you how to run your business and make their mark on your dream. An qualified business strategist is an excellent ally to have on your side. Know your competitors better than you know your alliances. Your competitors are the real threat. Understand their value proposition to your niche. View your competitors as your customers view them. Avoid competing with your top competitors in their areas of strength. Find holes in their offerings where you can add value. Human resources is often your most expensive resource. Your ability to recruit and lead top talent is critical to your long term success. Even if you are sole proprietor, you will need help somewhere. Your part time or freelance lawyer, accountant, graphic designer, etc. area all important team members. Never discount the efforts of temporary members of your team. Finding top talent is often a matter of numbers. The larger your pool of qualified applicants the better your chances of retaining a great team. Consider freelance sites like Odesk and Elance for your search. Running a business, any business, is about managing people. Your ability to interact and influence others for your advantage is an essential skill for your success. Remember to treat others as you would want to be treated. Sell to others in ways that you prefer receiving sales efforts. Lead others as you want to be lead. An experienced marketing strategist is a good source for help. Check out our new podcast, Small Business Success Unzipped for more insight.
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