Lifelong Learning for Success

There is no successful business person and no living thing, in the natural world, that thrives by capitalizing on their weaknesses. Nature awards the enforcement of natural gifts and so does a capitalistic society. This does not mean you are born with everything you need to be the best you can be. This means you are born with the gift of natural ability. To become great, you must take those gifts and commit to continuous improvement and lifelong learning for success. Vanity is not welcomed in the natural world. Everything a creature does is for a purpose. That purpose is survival of the fittest. This is also true of our personal lives and in our careers. A gym membership is never used if all you want to do is be thin. A bicycle collects dust and becomes a garage queen if all its rider wants to do is lose a few pounds after the holiday season. That over priced college diploma on the wall is worthless if you have not used what you learned to add value to society. We are creatures of divine inspiration. It is only natural that we also need inspiration in our daily work. The bicycle gets worn tires only by some hard miles ridden in preparation for a multi-day tour. The gym managers know your face only if you show up multiple times every week in anticipation of the upcoming adventure race. Studies show that students earn significantly higher grades in their field of study if they know WHY the material matters and how it will help them make a dent in society. The Catholic Jesuit order of priests use specific goals and measurements in their work. No effort goes without a specific goal and a definition of success. This method of efficiency and effectiveness is not exclusive to the priesthood. What is interesting is what they do with the information. The Jesuits use their results to determine whether they are pursuing endeavors that compliment their natural gifts or not. Lifelong learning is a fundamental commitment in this order of Priests. Consider your passion. Consider your goals. It is wise to create short-term goals for your effort. It is not enough to set smart goals. Be sure to set standards to measure whether the goals were worth the effort in the first place. Get started with reading on lifelong learning with this article.   


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