Sweet Success Lessons of a Nutella Billionaire

Known as the world’s richest candyman and creator of delicious Nutella, the Italian Billionaire Michele Ferrero, recently passed away at age 89. The passionate and obsessive sweet tooth entrepreneur was said to be a born entrepreneur. Rumors say that Mr. Ferrero create Nutella in the middle of the night then woke his wife up from a dead sleep with multiple spoons of various recipes to get her opinion.  Forbes magazine named Mr. Ferrero the richest candyman on the planet. The company created the tasty treats in 160 factories and employed over 22,000 people in 160 countries. In a world full of tech and dot-com fortunes, this family did it the old fashioned way with a simple product that made people smile from every corner of the globe. Many Nutella aficionados say that they can recall the first time they ever tasted the brilliant creation. My own deeply emotional discovery of this addictive creamy chocolate nutty evil was while living and working in the beautiful Swiss Alps. In the land of all things gorgeous and delicious, from cheese to veal to chocolate, Nutella still reigns as a local favorite. The chocolate flavored peanut buttery spreadable substance enhances the flavor of anything from bread to fruit to pastry. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur and think that all the good ideas are taken then consider the lesson from Mr. Ferrero. He took a market saturated product like chocolate and combined it with a boring product like peanut butter to create a global dynasty of chocaholics. 
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