Team Motivation Activities

Team motivation activities are important for talent retention. Your business is nothing without the team. Even if you only have part-time employees, you are still their leader. Your ability to motivate each member of your team may mean the difference between success and failure. Ways to Motivate Your Team is a series of blog posts to help you become a better leader. Method 3 offers activity based methods to motivate your team. Motivation is rarely about money but smartly spent dollars can pay big dividends. Inspiring your employees to achieve personal greatness is often about identifying what exactly is each person’s unspoken interest. Identify then deliver on that specific interest and you increase the chances of higher productivity and team loyalty.

Consider these team motivating activities:

  • Make personal time for every employee.
  • Have the top management team serve lunch to everyone else.
  • Feature employees in advertisements and training media.
A few moments of personal attention between the boss and each employee is proven to raise morale. As a leader, your ability to make a personal level connection with each of your team members raises the chances of employee retention and productivity. Team motivation activities that show your personal side helps your team connect with you and see you as part of the team. The perceived disconnect between the executive suite and lower level employees is often a point of contention. Requiring the top management team to serve lunch, cafeteria style, is an excellent way to bridge the gap. Be sure your leadership team understands why this activity is important. Remind them that they are there to serve and do it with a smile. Featuring high achieving employees in your company advertising or training media is an excellent way to showcase gold standard behavior. Hold a contest based on sales numbers or a measure of productivity. Invite the contest winners to participate in various media creations for advertising and training. This activity showcases the best of your team and gives everyone else motivation to strive for higher performance. Team motivation activities are great ways to show your appreciation and raise morale in your organization. Unlike a gift, a written note, or a party, only you can encourage human to human interaction from the top down in your team. Urge your top management member to do their best to understand the day-to-day jobs of even the lowest level employee. You might be amazed in the improvement of everyone’s attitude. You can read more on team motivation activities on this blog.

What does your leadership team do to connect with the rest of your organization? Please share your thoughts. We value your comments.

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