Team Motivation Methods to Avoid

Your business is nothing without the team. Even if you only have part-time employees, you are still their leader. Your ability to motivate each member of your team may mean the difference between success and failure. Ways to Motivate Your Team is a series of blog posts to help you become a better leader. Method 5, the final method, offers a list of team motivations to avoid.  There are some customary ways that leaders try to motivate their team that are well intended but should be avoided. Remember that your goal is to encourage and enforce a specific behavior. A good leader should avoid reward types that could turn out badly. Encourage and reinforce good behavior without taking unnecessary risk.

Consider these 7 team motivation methods to avoid:

  1. Dinner or celebration with significant other.
  2. A spa day.
  3. Increased responsibility.
  4. Case of wine, liquor, or beer.
  5. A company emblem tattoo.
  6. Airplane, helicopter, or hot air balloon tour.
  7. Automobile accessory like upgraded radio or styled wheel set.
Personal relationships are complicated. It is not safe to assume that your employee has a great marriage. Offering a complimentary dinner for the employee and employee’s spouse may be a terrible idea if their marriage is not as it should be. A spa day could be lovely but what if your employee gets creeped out by others touching him? What if the spa of choice does something inappropriate? A case of alcoholic beverages was once an excellent idea. What if you are not aware that your team member is a recovering addict? The average retention of an employee is around three years. Why would anyone want a company tattoo for life? One online video of a collapsing hot air balloon is all you need to see why offering an aircraft ride as a reward is an awful idea. Generational gaps present specific problems with trendy gifts like auto accessories. An upgraded tape deck was once all the rage for a 1989 Buick. Enough said. Inspiration and motivation is rarely about money but smartly spent dollars can pay big dividends. Inspiring your employees to achieve personal greatness is often about identifying what exactly is each person’s unspoken interest. Identify then deliver on that specific interest and you increase the chances of higher productivity and team loyalty.

Ideas to inspire your team are meant to help you maintain a happier, more loyal, and more productive workforce. You, and your business, will not succeed without a happy team. Your effort to show appreciation and motivate each member of your team will never go unnoticed. Remember that any effort is better than no effort.

What unique ideas to you have to inspire your team? Please share your thoughts. We value your comments.

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