Human Resources Manager -An Unknown Value

Human resources manager value should never be underestimated. If you have personnel then you have personnel challenges. The value of a human resources manager increases as your company grows larger. It is possible that there is no single person that has more impact on your success than your personnel manager. The practice of human resource management is easy to understand but difficult to implement. Remember that your HR person is not only responsible for hiring and firing. Compensation, retirement, and training are also often managed by a competent Human Resources Manager. Consider these additional reasons why you need a dedicated HR leader: Your employees are most likely your most valuable resource. Why not invest in a dedicated leader to maximize that resource? Many small businesses suffer from high turnover rates. Business owners are often never aware of why their employees are leaving. Even worse, steps to reduce employee turnover are never taken. This is where a proper HR person can provide great value. Even a slight reduction in employee turnover can result in big savings for your business. It is not to have top talent in  your organization. That talent must be motivated and directed. The smart business strategist is one who recognizes and directs talent to the most pressing issues. A good HR person is your primary resource on what personnel in your organization should be directed to a certain task. In industries where competition is high for qualified employees, a dedicated manager can help you develop a proper recruiting strategy. Finally, many business owners want to know when you should employ a full-time Human Resources Manager. The industry standard seems to be around 100 employees to have an in-house full-time person. The proper answers is not that easy. Your budget, the type of business, and your industry niche all play a role in that decision. The good news is that it has never been easier to outsource such duties. The selection of firms or freelancers to fill that duty is endless. High speed internet and advances in communication solutions makes it possible use someone who might not be located anywhere near your home office. More info. on human resources managers can be found here.
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