Win New Customers with Twitter

There are more than 500,000,000 registered users on Twitter, according to 60% of Twitter users say they are more likely to recommend a brand if they follow it. – We know that word of mouth is still the most powerful type of marketing. Where else can you reach out to over 500 Million people who are more likely to promote your brand? It is not enough to simply open a Twitter account and start blasting out Tweets. If you want long term entrepreneurial success, being deliberate in your actions is a critical decision. Here is a brief list of steps on how to win new customers with Twitter:
  1. SEO important on Twitter as in your website. Choose a name and keywords smartly.
  2. Send special offers to your followers.
  3. Promote your blog posts on your Twitter account.
  4. Invite ALL of your email subscribers to join the Tweet with an email invitation.
  5. Design an excellent Twitter profile with photos, videos custom backgrounds.
SEO is as important as ever. Your ability to get noticed in a noisy world pivots on SEO. Choose your Twitter handle carefully. Be sure it is a name that your audience will recognize. Remember to use specific keywords in your bio. You can also wisely choose a small group of words and phrases to use in tweets throughout the week. Everyone loves something special. Make your followers feel appreciated with a unique offer exclusively for your Tweet friends. A free checklist, unique ways to solve old problems, and niche specific advice is always valuable. Make sure that your Twitter tribe knows where to find you elsewhere. Auto posting your blog to your twitter feed is an excellent way to establish credibility and build that loyal following. It also helps pull followers out of Twitter and convert them to paying customers on your website. Even with over 500 Million users, there are plenty of your customers who do not use Twitter. Send out an email to your customer and prospect lists. Proudly announce your action on Twitter. Remember to include a call to action to motivate them to join the conversation. Even if some users are not interested in Twitter, your email may encourage them to give you a second look. None of your efforts are worth the time unless you have an attractive and engaging Twitter profile. The art of creating a great profile is growing more and more creative. You can now customize your background, upload videos or photos and enrich your Twitter page with excellent information. A word on Tweet manners: Do not reply to every tweet. Make an effort to respond to questions and a small group of critical commentators. Remember that “mention” and “reply” are not the same. The only effort that Twitter recognizes as a reply is when you place the @twitter handle in the beginning of the update. Everything else is a mention. Direct messaging (DM) can be powerful for building your customer base. The only way that someone can send you a DM is if you are following them. In summary, Tweeting is now a major marketing tool for entrepreneurs. Being a generous brand is all about building trust and getting closer to your customers. Social media, especially Twitter, is an excellent tool to make that happen.
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