Write Your Company Summary

Your Company Summary is where you bring it all together for the reader. You are likely familiar with the public speaking style that says tell them what you will say, say it, then tell them what you said. Your company summary is where you tell the reader what they will learn in your plan. This section tells everyone how the different elements of your plan for success will fit together. Remember to keep your statements concise. Direct your explanations to your potential audience. The reader of your plan will likely be a banker, a private investor, or your potential business partner. Traditionally, a Company Summary is around one page in length. That is no longer correct. Your reader is as busy as you are. Respect his time and dispense with the novel drama. Include these sections in your Company Summary:
  • Company History
  • Charts for Performance
  • Locations and Facilities
  • Company Ownership
A brief history of your business is important. This is where you give your readers the chance to look back into your life, your sacrifices and your triumph. Be proud of your accomplishments. Tell about your dream and how you found the courage to make the leap. Share your stories of starting from nothing and your first customers. Explain how you came up with the name for your new endeavor. Make it interesting, passionate, emotional. The charts for performance will likely fit under the Company History section. This is a graphical quick view of what way your company is headed in terms of finances and market share. You can include a small table of numbers to support your graphs. Locations and facilities tells the reader where you are operating. It is not necessary to give exact addresses. Simply state in which state, what town and maybe what region of the city if necessary. Explain which office is your home office or main hub. That assumes you have more than one location. Be sure to include whether you are operating online as well. Company ownership tells your potential investors, or whomever is reading your plan, who is leading your company. Include any silent partners or anyone that owns stock in your organization. In summary, remember to be brief and accurate. Remember your audience and the specific questions they may have. Your business plan is a living document that is mean to be updated and changed as you progress. Congratulate yourself for being deliberate in your plan for success. Most entrepreneurs never write down their plan and most fail.
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