Write an Implementation Summary

An Implementation Summary is where you tell your readers about your values. This summary tells everyone how you will execute your marketing plan through the tried and true marketing mix. You will talk about your sales philosophy and your team. The Implementation Summary will inform your readers about what allies you have made and how you plan to keep promises to customers. Finally, you will provide a timeline of major events in the success plan of your operation. A proper Implementation Summary includes these items:
  • Value Proposition
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Sales Plan
  • Strategic Alliances
  • Service
  • Milestones
This section is obviously slightly longer than some of the previous topics. Remember your reader’s short attention span. A two page Implementation Summary is acceptable. Your Value Proposition is a statement about what you do best. Resist the urge to explain how you offer the best price. Do not discuss your products. The truth is that everyone says they have great prices, good products and friendly customer service. Ask yourself, what do you do better than anyone else? What does it mean, on an emotional level, to your customer. The Marketing Strategy section is an excellent place to review the traditional marketing mix. This mix includes information on promotion, distribution, positioning, pricing and more. Remember to consider your target market. Simply explain how you will speak to that market in a way that gets their attention. The Sales Plan or Sales Strategy is an area of your business plan where you will outline how you will motivate people to buy your product. Remember that if Marketing is how you inform potential customers of your product, sales is how you motivate them to buy it. Marketing is strategy while sales is tactical. Strategy is the plan. Tactics is the execution of the plan. Your Strategic Alliances are people or other businesses that help you deliver the best product possible. Strategic alliances could be a local bank, an accounting office, and referral sources. Mutually beneficial relationships is a good way to define these agreements. The Service area is a short statement about how you keep your promise to your customers and alliances. This is a good place to include your warranty and your philosophy on partnerships. Finally, the Milestones section is a timeline of major events in a business operation. These are your goals and hurdles. Examples of milestones should be: get your website published, develop an online video advertisement, hire a full time accountant, reach 100 customers, etc. In summary, remember your audience. Consider your reader’s busy schedule. Be concise in your statements. Avoid sales efforts and unsupported claims. Stick to the facts.
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