Write a Perfect Email Marketing Letter

Our time is valuable. We are selfish. We are also bombarded with self-proclaimed “once in a lifetime” offers every day. We have become masters at tuning out the noise. To get noticed in the noise and reach your target audience, you must grab their attention early. Reach them with emotion. Start with WHY! Begin your perfect email marketing letter with “why” because that is what is most important to the reader. We know that virtually all decisions are made based on emotions. Fear and greed drive the markets. Reach someone emotionally and you have a much stronger argument as to why you deserve their attention in a sea of sameness. Consider answering these questions to explain why your prospect should listen to you:
  • Why is this topic important to me?
  • Why should I read this today?
  • Why will this change my life?
Once you evoke an emotional response then you have earned the chance to justify your existence. Now is your chance! Explain WHO  you are. Make it personal. Show the reader that you are a real human being and you have weaknesses just like them. No one wants to hear that you made millions from selling dirt. No one believes that you are perfect and for a small fee somehow you can show them how to do it too. Tell them your story with all of the stumbles, bumps bruises and joy. Be brief. If you answer the “who” then  you might earn the right to move further and discuss WHAT you do and what you can offer to them. No one cares about the boring details. What we want to hear from you is what you do that is special. Tell us about the single most important talent you have that might just change our lives. Remember that everyone has the best  price, the best service, the best education, and the prettiest faces. Answering the questions of when, where, and how take care of themselves if you are able to keep your reader’s attention this long. Remember that we are lazy. You better make it easy or we will not bite. Make it absolutely clear on when exactly your reader can take advantage of your offer. If it is limited time offer that is fine but do not insult us and make it sound like this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Since this is an email newsletter, remember to put a click-able link to your website or your landing page so we do not need to go searching for it. It is also wise to make the time click-able where it automatically loads into our calendar. Note that specific times and dates are always complicated. It gives the reader an excuse to say no. If the offer is a free virtual seminar then you should include an offer that says something like this: “If you cannot make it for this time and date, click this link and I will email you the transcripts direct to your inbox.” Your CTA (Call To Action) must be included in your letter. This is where you close the deal. You could put the CTA right after the “what” statements then fill in the details on when, where and how after. It is wise to repeat the CTA at the end. Close your letter with a respectful and genuine thanks. Be real!
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