# 17 Write Personal Stories with Emily Chase-Smith [Podcast Part 1]

Write personal stories, write your story, in the form of a book with the help of Emily Chase-Smith at http://emilychasesmith.com/. Former Lawyer turned book Ghost Writer Expert, Emily shares her personal story of deep personal reflection and finding the courage to make some tough decisions for her life and career future. “Everyone has a book in their heart and on their brain” according to Emily. It is up to you to release it and let it fly. In Part 1 of 2, Business Strategist, Bennett Johnson, welcomes Emily Chase-Smith to the Small Business Success Unzipped Podcast. Emily and Bennett explore the profession of Professional Ghost Writers for non-fiction books. Fact: The vast majority of popular books in the non-fiction category are ghost written. That is to say that the books are the words and thoughts of the owner but with the help of a professional writer. The writer organizes and presents the owner’s ideas and story into a form which is attractive and readable by the consuming public.

A Book for Everyone

Everyone should write a book. No, not everyone will be a best selling author but that should not stop us. We all have unique experiences, struggles, triumphs, stories to tell. In those seemingly common stories are pearls of wisdom, inspiration, and direction which others might find life changing. Write your story, write personal stories. We know that the new trend is towards unscripted reality TV, talk radio, and personal adventure literature. Gone are the fake 1950’s scripted sitcoms with laugh tracks. Be real, be you. You do not need college education or decades of experience in writing literature, you just need a story and an Emily!

Find Inspiration

The interesting and underlying story here is how Emily went from the stifling legal industry to building her success her way. After two decades of excelling in the legal field as a world class attorney, Emily was feeling the pain that many of us feel. That is the pain of climbing the ladder of success but realizing it is leaning against the wrong wall. She realized that much of her life and her pursuits were driven by the desire to please others and rarely about pursing her own passion and interests. Every great consultant has the heart of a teacher and Emily is no different. Listen to Emily’s story and learn how helping others is often the best way to find your own way to building your success, your way.

Write Personal Stories. Write Your Story.

Courage, faith, a reality check, and a new direction were in Emily’s future. There is no such thing as overnight success and her story is no different. We spare you the details of an unfortunate divorce, some deep soul searching, and likely a few tears along the way. The important thing is to know that if you see the ark tunnel ahead with no light then now is the time to make changes. In Emily’s words: “Being a lawyer blows!”.  
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